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Live Video Sales

What is it?

Live Video Sales are meant to introduce the client to our company. Meeting this way creates an amazing opportunity for you, the client, to see our in-store products first hand, ask questions, and purchase products immediately. This meeting allows us to get to know you on a personal basis. We want you to feel confident in purchasing our products and finding pieces that will fit your wants and needs best. You can even purchase these products in real-time during the meeting with just a verbal confirmation. 

How does it work?

1. Select a date and time on the Calendar for the meeting.
2. Fill in all the Required Questions as you sign up. *We hold the right to reject any Live Video Sale request

3. Download the App "Zoom Cloud Meeting".  *You DO NOT have to create a profile for this meeting

4. Day of the Meeting, you will receive a message at the time of the appointment with a link. Click on this link to automatically join the Video Conference Call.

5. We will start the meeting by getting to know you and understanding your needs and wants. *FYI: First-time Live Video meetings typically take longer than later scheduled lives.
6. During the Live Video Sale, we will ask you to verbally confirm which items you would like to purchase. Be mindful, we have a $1500 minimum on initial order. 
7. After the Live meeting, we will email you the invoice of your selected items with instruction of payment. 
If you have any questions, please contact us


Why Live Video Sales are Incredible?

1. Using Video Conference Software, we are able to present to you what we have available in-store immediately.  

2. Live Video Sales allows us to get to know you on a personal basis which help us find the products that better suit your needs.

3. During the Live Video Sale, you get the opportunity to know who you are purchasing from, ask questions about the products and receive an answer in real-time. 

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