Our Jewelry Line 

Our jewelry line is in known for its quality in craftsmanship and variety. The majority of our jewelry is Navajo and Zuni styles. We work with many silversmiths personally to insure you the best prices and quality. Below is shown the different displays and items we provide. For details and prices please first apply your business if you are new. After approval we will be happy to provide you with prices and options to get you started.  

Earring Rack

Recommended for earrings ranging retail prices $14 - $140+. 

Holds: 144 pc’s

Startup Cost: (contact us)

Dementions: 17”X 8”x8”

Pendant Rack

Recommended for necklaces ranging retail prices $20 - $150+.

Holds: 36 pc’s

Startup Cost: (contact us)

Dementions: 14.5”x9.5”

Ring Trays

Recommended for rings ranging retail prices $24 - $200+. 

Holds: 80 - 100 pc’s

Startup Cost: (contact us)

Dementions: 15"X 8"

Case Items

Additional items available:

  • Bracelets (watches, cuffs, link etc..)

  • Medium and large pendants/necklaces

  • Miscellaneous (knifes, money clips, bolos, key chains etc..)

For prices please contact us

Our Mission

At M&S Turquoise we are determined to provide quality authentic product at a price that all may enjoy the culture and art founded by the Native Americans.

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